Ask Martha

Experts Everywhere – Who’s right? Who’s wrong??

April 29, 2021


Have you ever noticed that you can find someone that says “Do it this way,” and then someone else saying do it 180-degrees in the opposite direction? As I gain more experience (aka get older), I find there may not always be a single best answer.

There are experts on growing business, understanding medicine, caring for your health, losing weight, parenting, boosting confidence, managing stress, and more. Navigating the tidal wave of information and boiling it down into a solid decision can be exhausting. So, what should you do?

Here at Fremont Consulting, we say the easiest way to start is by asking a few questions!

1.) What are your guiding principles, values, North Stars, and things that direct your life?

2.) What specific outcome do you want or need?

3.) When do you expect to achieve your desired outcome?

Considering these three questions will help you discern what information fits and what does not. Knowing what you want versus what you need and getting specific with your timeline will help you determine if you need to move quickly or develop short, medium, or long-term plans.

Trust yourself; you know yourself and your capabilities better than anyone. If you choose to seek counsel, talk with close friends or family. Select people who will advise you honestly, and make your action plan. You’ve got this!