Ask Martha

Funeral for a Friend

February 17, 2020


Have you ever been to a funeral of a friend, work colleague?

Of course you have, and sometimes it is timely, in the right life order and sometimes it is not. That makes for a lot of emotion doesn’t it. If the person was a mentor, friend, person you admired and respected, the feelings are very pronounced, your senses are highly tuned at the service.

I recently had the opportunity, yes I think that is the correct word, to attend the funeral of a former work colleague, one whom I respected from afar… Of course the person knew I liked them, well, you know you kind of like everyone at work, right?

As the church filled, with all ages of people, and music began, you could sense that this person you liked was really so much more than you ever knew. They had a life that mattered to so many different types of people. The words were kind and generous, but more impactful is that they were genuine, heartfelt….I am always amazed that someone can talk at a funeral, what an honor, what a responsibility and how do you speak without your voice wavering….

As the service continued, the sermon, was based on a family favorite Bible verse.  It was merely a few sentences long. Not long at all. I wondered, how could that really be a whole sermon?  Well, that is when I got an education. That is when I was compelled to listen closer than I usually do, that is when I realized why this person was so beloved. 

This sermon got under my skin

It made me examine myself and my life a little more closely…Heck I am still trying to figure out what it means to me personally….

I bet right about now, you are wondering why this is a blog, right? There is no snippet of truth, or nugget I can use to make my life/profession more successful. Well, I guess that is the purpose of this blog… We have a chance to be so much to so many people, people need what you have, you may not even know that you have something special that they truly need. I guess, maybe there are a few snippets to share…

Live your life as if it matters, it truly does.

There are people watching and wanting to be like you and you probably aren’t even aware that they are… Live your life to make others’ lives’ better, if you are attuned, you surely will make an impact.

We get one shot at this life, but infinite possibilities while we are alive to tweak, edit and try to improve. Yea, it’s some work… Yea, it’s hard to stop and look at yourself….but my guess is that it will pay dividends for you and those in your sphere.