Ask Martha

Six Golden Rules to Achieve Resiliency

March 25, 2020


Now, that we understand the skills of resiliency and look to how we can master them, now let’s look at the bigger picture and how we do the work….

1.)  Stay customer Focused – that is why we are in business, keep your eye on the prize, let your decisions be guided by what is best for the customer.

2.)  Create shorter decision loops, if there is a bureaucracy, look to determine the essential elements of good decision making, but make them quicker, do all levels really need to approve a change?  Look at your approval chains with a discerning eye.

3.)  Bottoms up Design – insure that all are appropriately engaged in the process, failure to do so can  inadvertently create uncertainty, doubt, and certainly implementations will be slowed down if all aren’t engaged properly and ‘singing from the same sheet of music.’

4.)  Create/foster a culture of innovation and creativity, seriously, just because it has always been done that way really might not be the best way to do something?  Reassess the intent of the policy, rule, action for current times, understand the why behind the original implementation, but don’t sit on your hands.

5.)  Stay focused on the Business results – don’t change and not follow up on results, the change has to impact the desired metric, if it doesn’t, go figure out why it didn’t and try again…

6.)  Effective organization and process convergence – fancy words for all noses pointed in the same direction in the pursuit of the same goals.  No silos, no rework, no showing up late to the game.  All hands on deck, let’s get this done mentality.