Ask Martha

The Power of Assuming – NOT!

June 19, 2019


Have you ever heard the adage, never assume, it makes an *** out of you and me.

*** u me

You know, I love this phrase as a leader… anytime I hear someone say it, all the hair on the back of my neck starts standing up, my radar is humming I know I have to be ever diligent and be on the lookout for the problem… it’s there, lurking, and waiting to mess up your day!   

Have you ever been in this conversation?  “I haven’t heard that there’s a problem, I would expect that someone would say something if there was a problem, so I assume everything is fine…”

How many times has that ever bitten you.   Maybe not assuming and trusting but verifying are twins of the same issue, but they are very powerful in the lessons that they can teach leaders and associates.  

Do yourself a favor if you haven’t been burned by this before and start to listen to what people say in conversations, especially when there is a new customer, urgent delivery, something out of the norm that you need to do as a plant/organization.  It’s a simple and powerful tool to help keep you out of the ditches.