Ask Martha

What People look for in uncertain Times

March 25, 2020


Most people desperately hate uncertainty, looking for a anchor to steady their boat in the tumultuous times…. To that end, here are some quick tips to help navigate in today’s new normal….

1.)  Leadership – look at what bold actions need to take place and why, it is opinion or is based on facts?  Do what needs to be done and know when it needs to be done by.  Of course, ask for guidance, if appropriate to build consensus, but move with purpose and confidence.

2.)  Create Excellent Concise Communications – if is isn’t necessary, don’t say it, if it doesn’t add value, don’t say it, Keep it simple!  What is the intention of the communications, what message  needs to be communicated?  Short concise statements, provide a few examples if you think it will be unclear to the audience.

3.)  Empathy – Be human,  it matters!  Simply put, be who you would want to follow.  What are those characteristics?  Model them.

4.)  Positivity – not Pollyanna positivity, but more like the unsinkable Molly Brown positivity… Grit, determination, thinking of a way to succeed and improve the situation no matter how dire it looks.

5.)  Be smart (about it) – Do your homework, follow guidelines, speak with empathy and common sense.  You don’t have to know everything, and when you don’t, be smart and ask others for their input to solve the problems.