Ask Martha

When Employees ask Questions…

June 20, 2019


What does it mean when employees ask questions? 

In the most simple terms, something isn’t clear.  It could be a policy, a procedure, it could be a message from a supervisor that had inadvertently been watered down, or miscommunicated.  If you really focus in on the underlying reasons for the question in a non threatening way, you can determine where weaknesses exist that might cause problems down the road for an organization. 

It could be a safety rule, hey, where do I get my P.P.E.? 

Do I have to wear fall prevention? 

Where is the closest fire extinguisher?  

How often am I supposed to do this quality check? 

Do you know if this widget is good or bad? 

Does the forklift or the pedestrian have the right away? 

Where am I supposed to put this checklist?  

All simple questions, right?  The employees want to do the right thing and get it right.   How great is that?  In a continuous improvement mindset, listening to what people are saying or in this case asking, can have a significant impact on our productivity and ultimately, profitability. 

Listen and prioritize what needs to be tweaked, I can assure that not there is more than one person who isn’t clear on something, and often the consequences could be very serious.   Listen closely, and ‘see’ what you hear.